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Women's day 22 vol. 1 Erotic OTK spanking

husband spanks his wife on his lap

Men's day 22 vol. 2. Paddling and Strapping

Wife spanking her husband with a belt and a paddle

Stefanies Campus Room!

Enter Stefanies private flat at university. She hurt herself at cheerleading class and needs crutches now. Shes limping around, searching for her hair dryer, hair brush and needle to inject her thrombosis medication. In a weird kind of way, thats sup...

Men's day 22 vol. 1. Erotic OTK Spanking

The wife spanks her husband on her lap.

Women's day 21 vol 2 Hard switching and caning

A strict husband severely flogs his wife with rods and a cane on a bench.

First Time With Lovely Fetish - Harsh Ending - Spanking

The hardest part of a long spanking is mostly at its end, right? Lets head for the grandioso! I continue the pounding of her already pretty soft and sore back end. The third paddle is used and the heavy, fucking rubber strap! I hate to receive that o...

First Time With Lovely Fetish - Doggy Whip - Spanking

Still doggy position. Different "toys". Hehe. Flogger time. I give it to her decently now. Back, legs and ass. Delivering some nice marks on the pale skin. The young girl moans. I love that. Slip down, Rija! Prepare for the next paddle! Youre not don...

Women's day 21 vol 1 Birching and Strapping

Sexy wife gets a birch in her bare ass from her husband

The Family That Spanks Together: Wife Zully Spanked With Spoon For Forgetting Chores

Zully, Mark and Zully's offspring Brenda are sitting watching TV. Brenda asks whose turn it was to put the rubbish out as it hasn't been done, and the bins are overflowing. They check the family rota and find it was Zully's turn. But Zully is bl...

Men's day 21 vol. 1. Paddling, Strapping and hairbrushing

sexy wife in stockings and a corset flogs her husband with a paddle belt and a brush

Women's day 20 vol 2 Strapping and Sex

Husband spanks his wife with a belt and a paddle and fucks her.

Men's day 20 Hard caning and strapping

Sexy wife spanks husband with cane and belt. Husband fucks her in between spanking

Women's day 20 vol 1 Hard OTK spanking

Hard spanking sexy wife by hand and sex

First Time With Lovely Fetish - Doggy 1 - Spanking

Next Round. Get up, Rija! Put your hands on your thighs and let me give you some strokes and a neat neck massage. Then assume the position on this pillow and stick your ass up! Her black undies make her ass more sexy. More female. First a leather swa...

Latin Hardcore - Sex!

The heat is rising! we head over to her couch. Kiana already indressed my dick and blowed it hard so it was waiting for a vagina. Her ass is soft and grabbyand I pull her cheeks apart to prebare her hole. I liked her feet and she grabbed my sexy ass ...

Petting, Licking And Sucking

Sit down, sweetie! Lolling in the chair infront me turned me on so I gave a her a sweet massage. My fingers wandered up her legs and around her vagina... I took care of her feet. So cute feet and so long legs. She unpacks my package and starts suckin...

Men's day 20 Hard OTK spanking

Hard OTK Fm spanking

Resident Evil read by Joey Nova CHP 5

This is chapter 5 of book 1 - The Umbrella conspiracy. We are super excited to tell you we are working on a cosplay of the iconic video game. The game is a favorite for our entire Poly family. We are taking our time buying the wardrobe and planning t...

Latin Strip And Foot Meal!

Now things got hot. The brown girl began to get nude slowly and seductive. Licking and eating my bare feet was a pleasure! This girl is good with her tonge and a real sweet tooth! I pressed my feet agaist her pussy, face and panties. Eat it, babe! ...

Brown Beauty Dancing For You!

Met a new one. Kiana. Shes a Hamburg stripper and burlesque artist. She flirted with me and convinced me to come with her when I once attended a show at one of her dance locations. Her smile was the wildest this evening. Just doing my job - she told ...

Aron Continues Whipping

Stefanie and Amelia turn tables. The cute girl takes the big one over her knees and spank her bare bottom. When Amelias buttocks are warm and red, Stefanie switches to the brush to deliver some more severe slappings. Aron finds this all too cushy and...

Stefanie Spanks

Stefanie and Amelia turn tables. The small girl takes the big one over her knees and spank her bare bottom. When Amelias buttocks are warm and red, Sstefanie switches to the brush to deliver some more severe slappings. Aron finds this all too cushy a...

Men's day 19. Vol. 3. Hard OTK spanking

After a long caning, the wife placed her husband on her lap and spanked him.


Whack. Masters hand is landing on my shacking cheek. Shaking from fear, pain and the physical stress that the slapping is giving the soft tissue in my face. Stand still. Eyes ahead, Aron says. Yes Sir, I reply. WHACK. Its forbidden to say a word or u...

Women's day 19 Hand spanking

sexy wife erotic spanking

The Krusch Is Doing A Striptease

She is new to all of this. She didnt dance before nor stripped. But she is gonna do it now. For you! Our 19 year old friend will tease your eyes with some sexy belly dance, while doffing her clothes and undergarment. A little insecure at the beginnin...

Shower Seduction

Whats better on a hot day to get a cold shower? Together. Being hot. We caress and care for each other while the warm, soothing water runs down or bodies. Aron wants Stefanie, thats obvious. He gently pulls her legs together and presses his pelvis ag...

Men's day 19. Vol. 2. Corporal punishment. Caning & Strapping

Hard caning and strapping

Paddle And Cane - Dualscreen

The silly brat again disobayed my orders! I will teach her a lesson with cane and paddle! I make her bend over a cube and lift her skirt. She only wears a thong panty. Bad for her. I know she hates the cane butshe deserves it. 25 strokes should be h...

Stealing In The House Of The Lord - Spanking

My man and I run a company which is very successful. Wonight we invited our bokkeeper Stefanie Krusch to our home for dinner. She didd outstanding word this year and our cashflow is growing because of her good work. As I heared my husbands voice when...

Clip 95A-Ar-d Double Masturbation With Amelia Punk

That fuck was amazingly hot! My cunt is sore already. But my duty doesnt stop. Aron is standing and I have to suck him. He grabs my hair and orders me to look him in the eyes. I love that kind of romantic dominance. Back on the bed, fingers and our v...

Men's day 18 v 3 Strict caning

beautiful strict mistress in stockings flogs her husband with a stick

Women's Day 18. Firm hand.

Hard spanking of the wife with a hand on her husband's lap.

Men's day 18 v 2 Hard strapping

sexy mistress flogs her husband with a belt and jerks off his penis.

Men's day 18 OTK and paddling

Erotic spanking husband from a sexy wife.

FM Strapping & paddling compilation vol. 3

FM Strapping & paddling compilation vol. 3 2021